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Our Services

A full-funnel approach, whether you are looking to reach a new audience or grow your margins, we tailor traditional and digital marketing services to fit your needs. From ideation to execution through scalable growth channels, unlock a cohesive strategy with Prosperitas Marketing Group. Your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Service Offerings

Traditional Marketing

We have you covered with rate negotiations, schedule management, post reports, and reconciliation.


Optimize your business profiles across the web to increase website visits, phone calls, shop visits, and sales.


Take advantage of OTT and CTV platforms with our all-in-one brand expansion strategy and drive more traffic to your site.

Display Ads & Videos

Connect with your potential audience with videos and ads that represent your brand image and message.


Maintain a stellar brand reputation with quick responses to reviews, stars, and mentions from across the web through one dashboard.

Paid Social

Expand your brand’s reach and engagement on social media platforms with our targeted social ad services.

Social Presence

Enhance your business story with timely posts, videos, photos and more.

Client Friendly Reporting

Personalized dashboards with metrics that matter to you.


Maximize your brand reach and capture low-funnel shoppers with our SEM service. We utilize strategic techniques to ensure low-cost customer acquisition.


You don’t always need to pay for traffic, clicks, and conversions. Our SEO solution helps you drive organic results across the target area and more.

Email Marketing

Email is an ROI-friendly marketing tool. We help you get more attention with personalized emails.

Website Design

Launch a website that incorporates everything a consumer wants their favorite brand to be—fast and credible.